Exceptional risk claims

If you sustain an injury which is directly attributable to you taking an exceptional and justified risk you may be entitled to a compensation award from the CICA.

Such a risk is defined as:

a. apprehending an offender or suspected offender;

b. preventing a crime;

c. containing or remedying the consequences of a crime; or

d. assisting a Constable who is acting for one or more of the purposes described in paragraphs (a) to (c).

Such a risk does not arise if it is taken in the course of a person’s work.  In this instance it will not be considered exceptional.  An example is a Fireman who enters a building that has been deliberately set on fire.  If he suffers injury he will not be in a position to claim from the CICA whereas a passer-by who runs into a building that has been deliberately set alight in an attempt to assist the emergency services will be in a position to make an application.

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