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I have criminal convictions – can I still claim?

Yes, but your award may be reduced to nil depending on the type of conviction and when you were convicted. The CICA have a system for looking at convictions and can reduce any award by a set percentage to reflect any past convictions. To find out more, get in touch with one of our experienced advisers. It may be possible to appeal against a refusal based on past convictions if it can be shown that your criminal behaviour was as a result of the crime on which the application was based. This is most common in claims for childhood abuse that have led to anti-social behaviour in adulthood.

I was assaulted by my partner/spouse – can I still claim?

Yes, it does not matter who assaulted you, you can still make a claim but you must report the matter to the police and cooperate fully with any investigation and attend court if required. If you withdraw your statement from the police then the CICA are unlikely to make an award. To find out more get in touch with one of our experienced advisers.

I was assaulted more than two years ago – can I still claim?

The CICA has a ‘two years from the date of offence’ limit for bringing a claim. However, this period can be extended if in all the circumstances it is practicable to do so and it is not reasonable to expect the applicant to make the application within the two years. In real terms this discretion is only really applied in cases of sexual assault and where there is a conviction that supports the application. To find out more get in touch with one of our experienced advisers.

I didn’t go to the police for fear of reprisal – can I still claim?

In short, no; the CICA require you to report and fully cooperate with the police before you can be considered for an award. The CICA will not regard fear of reprisal as being a sufficient reason for not reporting the crime.

What size of award will I get?

The CICA makes awards on a tariff basis. This is basically a ‘one size fits all’ payment system so for example the award for scarring on the leg of a 16-year-old girl will be the same as the award made to a 70-year-old man.

The award made depends on the extent of the injury and payment is made for both mental and physical injuries.

In the event of more than one injury the award is broken down as follows:

  • 100% of the award for the most serious injury
  • 30 % of the award for the second most serious injury
  • 15% of the award for the third most serious injury

There is no payment for any further injuries.

Additionally, you can claim for lost income although you cannot claim for the first 28 weeks. If you are off work for 40 weeks you can only claim for the last 12 weeks. The level of payment is based upon the prevailing payment for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) rather than the actual losses incurred.

For more details on the levels of compensation awarded to the victims of sexual assault and rape click here

Questions about specific claim types

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