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Interim payments from the CICA

The following was issued by the CICA in January 2013 in relation to interim payments

CICA note: Interim Awards

1. Our policy is to pay compensation as a single lump sum and we
should not make interim awards as a matter of routine. However, there
may be occasions when this is not possible and we should consider payment
of an interim award.
Criteria for making an Interim Award
2. We should only consider making an interim award in the following

 Eligibility for compensation has been fully established; and
 We have medical evidence to confirm that the victim’s injuries are
eligible for compensation; and
 We have carried out an up to date criminal convictions check, to
minimise the risk of irrecoverable payments; and
 The case will take longer than normal to finalise (e.g. because the
application involves loss of earnings and/or care costs/special
expenses/dependency or the applicant has an uncertain medical
prognosis); or
 In more straightforward cases if the applicant/their representative
requests it and where there are exceptional reasons, such as
those listed below.

3. Here are some general examples of the types of circumstances wherean interim award can be considered.

 An applicant has sustained a very serious injury, e.g. brain
damage, with an uncertain prognosis which may take some time to
 The tariff band has been agreed for an application, but future care
costs/future loss/dependency calculations may take some time.
 An applicant is elderly or is suffering from a terminal illness.
 An applicant is facing financial hardship as a result of their
 An applicant has an injury not on the tariff of injuries list, and the
Authority has decided to refer the injury to the Secretary of State
for possible addition to the list.
 The Authority has taken an unreasonable time to deal with an

 An applicant urgently requires equipment such as a wheelchair
(where the applicant is a minor, the interim payment can be made
directly to parents or guardians and a purchase receipt should be